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Christian Dating

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Christian Dating

Developing a Christian relationship that honors your religious beliefs and yourself is the goal. Any time you are involved in a relationship that leaves you with a sense of worthlessness, it is not one God would want for you. You are a child of God and therefore deserve only love and kindness. At times, people will remain in abusive relationships out of a belief that God, or their church, considers divorce sinful. However, almost all faiths treat abuse as an exception because it dishonors the holy intention of marriage.

It is difficult for most people to admit to themselves, let alone others, that abuse is happening. This is especially true when there is not active physical or sexual abuse occurring. Unfortunately, abuse can also be perpetrated through the following:

  • Emotional Abuse (name calling, criticizing, “joking” in a demeaning or embarrassing way)
  • Intimidation (using threats, looks or gestures to scare partner; breaking objects)
  • Isolation (uses jealousy to control what partner does, who he/she sees, where he/she goes)
  • Denies Responsibility (minimizes, denies or blames partner for emotions and behavior)
  • Uses Children (threatens to harm the children or take them away from the partner)
  • Financial Control (keeps partner from working or takes paychecks; demands account of all spending)
Questions about what your religion teaches on abuse within a Christian relationship or marriage, can be answered by your minister, pastor or priest.



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