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How to Break Up With a Girl

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How to Break Up With a Girl

Ending a relationship is awful on both sides. Tons of break up poems, break up songs, break up quotes and break up advice have been written for this very reason. Although there is no avoiding the inevitable awkwardness, take heed men -- we've got a few pieces of advice for you to follow when breaking up with your girl.

  • Directly state what you want. Simply say what you mean. If you hint around, and she doesn't want to hear what you are telling her, she will hold onto hope that things are okay.
  • Do not continue sexual involvement once you've decided you want to end things. No matter what you say, she will take this as a sign you still have interest.
  • Do not promise things you will not deliver. If you are not going to call, do not say you will. If you don't want her calling you, nicely let her know. If you don't want to remain friends, be clear about this point.
  • Be honest. Do not lie about why you are making this choice. It is happening because it is what you want. Do not pretend the break up is due to external circumstances (e.g. busy with work or school obligations).
  • Do not act as if there is a chance the two of you will get back together, if this is not something you are planning to work toward. And, do not deny interest in dating other girls if you are likely to do so in the near future.



5/26/2007 11:49:18 AM
chris said:

these are very good spoken words. could help people alot

6/12/2007 2:00:19 AM
Seye Bandele - Nigeria said:

excellent advice for newbies at dating, we want to see more of this. big ups!

12/18/2008 4:33:04 AM
danielle bates said:

look the way to let a girl down easy is just sit down and tell her u really feel dont beat around the bush and thats what hurts a girl more and thats coming from a girls point of view.


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