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Teen Abusive Relationship

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What should I look for in teen relationships that are abusive?

Teen Abusive Relationship

Teen abusive relationships include physical, sexual and verbal abuse. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2000) found that one in 11 high school students said they had been hit, slapped, or physically hurt on purpose by their boyfriend or girlfriend in the past year. Similarly, one in 11 students reported that they had been forced to have sexual intercourse. According to 2000 statistics from the Bureau of Justice, f ar greater numbers of teens (as high as 96 percent) report emotional and psychological abuse in their dating relationships.

You may be in an abusive relationship if your boy/girl friend:

Acts possessive or jealous

Slaps, pushes, hits, kicks or threatens you

Forces you to have sex

Yells at you

Makes you feel guilty all the time

Calls you names or makes you feel stupid

Forces you to do things you are not comfortable doing

Uses drugs or alcohol or forces you to use them

Won't let you break up with him/her



6/13/2007 9:17:58 AM
Meghaan Jennings said:

I have been worried about how my bff's bf abusing her, but now I know for sure. Thank You. This is very helpful to me and her.

11/2/2007 3:54:31 PM
rae said:

i am 16 yrs old in an abusive relationship i am always called names and pushed around, slaped,and being kept away from my family anyone who is in an abusive relationship better leave now or it will be hard to get out in the future.

11/19/2008 2:05:17 PM
sarah said:

i am 19. i am not sure if i am in an abusive relationship still or even if i am the abuser. we both hit/bite each other. he wont let me break up with him and i have tried to a few times. he has called me retarded, nuts, psycho. He cheated on me and lied and hid many things from me. He makes me feel guilty about things i do, such as break up with him. And he twists things around to make things my fault. He has many double standards and used to be a pothead. But what if I am unknowingly abuse him??

12/7/2008 12:00:11 PM
sad mom of 3 said:

This is my second marriage. I have 3 young children to my present husband. He started first with alcohol. Now he is addicted to prescription pain medicine. He mixes the two together and life becomes miserable. This is a daily event. He is very mean with the children and me. He is constantly slapping, hitting, and saying mean things to all of us. I am at the point to where I see it is Just going to get worse. It has been evolving for the past seven years. I have found myself becoming men and irritable. I want out and for my children and I to have a happy normal life. I just don't know how to go about getting out without it becoming messy and how to make it money wise once the kids and I are on our own. We have too many assets to get federal assistance. The house is in my name from my previous marriage but I don't have the money to make it once I leave. I do not work. I am a stay home mom and the children are 2,4, and 6. There is no family to help me. I can not put any money back because we barely have enough to pay the bills with his alcohol and cigarette habits. How do I seek financial help before I decide to make a big decision like leaving? This is my delay. Can someone tell me what steps to take?

5/9/2009 9:25:39 PM
anonymous said:

I am a 19yrs old and I think I am in an abusive relationship.... he always calls me names and he pushes me around. Yells at me he tells me what to do... I can't go anywere without him and we don't even live together his wit me at all times.... tells me what to wear... and the sad thing is that I let myself.. I'm really stupid I feel like I can't leave... everytime I try to break up with him he won't let me. And I feel like I can't be me anymore...

10/15/2009 3:19:39 PM
Sara said:

I am a mother of three and I have a bf that i think is abusive. I maybe in that same situation too. three years ago, my ex and I divorce and later after that i started going out with my bf. i came to find out that he is separated from his wife. He has an apt at his work from mon-fri and on weekend he says he goes home but his wife is not there. For the time being that i have been with him, he's been treating me well but lately he is beginning to spy on me and tell me if I should leave him, he will everything in his power to physically abuse me and get what I want. On his side, he's not doing anything about filing for divorce or any action. I not sure if it worth hanging on to this guy.

4/16/2010 5:49:34 AM
You deserve love! said:

To sarah: You have the right to break up with him if he does not Respect you!! Sleeping with other women, lying, calling you names, hitting. Do you deserve to be treated with love, respect? You do Sarah. You need to believe that! BE STRONG sarah! Go to a friend, family or women against violence programmes. The hardest part is BELIEVING that YOU DESERVE BETTER! Telling him to stay away! Keeping to it! You can do it!
I had been in a relationship since I was 16/17yrs old...I am now 34yrs. Don't leave it that late like me! It had started small, then he became possesive of me. Making me feel guilty about NOthing...going out with friends, everything. I have lost my children to him, they are 16yr, 14yrs, and 6yrs. He has physically abused the eldest and emotionally continues to abuse all of them (making them feel guilty,sad for him). The justice system is cruel and unjust sometimes - It didn't help me that I was ashamed and embarassed to call the police. Nothing was on file. I didn't take pictures of bruises and report it. It has not been easy-especially knowing I can't protect my children! I have a brighter future ahead (I tell myself this everyday). I know my children will come back to me when they realise that 'abuse in not normal'!! Financially, has been a struggle. But, I have goals to have A man that respects me, loves me and cherishes me!Firstly, I have started doing stuff I like - study, a job. Being successful, travelling is a plan, being happy with Myself! Remembering that saying NO is good for the SOUL!


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