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Self-Sabotaging Sex

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To my disappointment, I had a one-night stand. I thought I learned this is not a good idea. It was an enjoyable night, but he doesn’t want to get together again. He says he doesn’t want a relationship. I feel I have thrown my chance away because of being so easy. How can I trust myself to not do thi

Self-Sabotaging Sex

How do you trust yourself to not have one night stands? Does it make sense to hope for a relationship with someone who isn't interested? Stop creating situations to prove your belief that you are worthless. You have a normal need to feel important and loved. When you try to meet these needs with meaningless sex; however, you feed your feelings of low self-worth. You continue this theme when you fantasize about a relationship with someone who is not interested. Despite never sharing who you are with this person, you interpret his reactions as confirmation that you are not important. Allow others to know you, put yourself in situations highlighting your strengths, take good care of yourself. Remember, your “mistakes” only define you if you believe they do.



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