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Sexual Experiences

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I am 18 and have been with my 19 year old boyfriend for two years. He wants sexual experiences with other people before getting married. Is there anyway to deal with this and still be together?

Sexual Experiences

Is it possible to maintain a loving relationship when your partner wants to experience sex with other people? Although many people decide to separate or divorce, others create alternative arrangements.

A predetermined length of separation, allowing pursuit of other interests, is chosen by some couples. Remaining together is possible for others through establishing “rules” to guide what outside sexual behavior is permissible. Less frequently, both individuals want an “open relationship” that eliminates all constraints regarding sex.

If one of these options is not hurtful to you, it may be possible to continue your relationship now or later. However, you must be 100% honest about what is right for you. Do not let fear of losing the relationship make this decision for you. Sacrificing what you need in order to salvage a relationship won't work long-term.



6/12/2007 1:40:25 PM
lavania dibous said:

i don't agree with that comment i tried that and we split as a result.

9/22/2007 7:40:00 PM
Shelly said:

As a woman, it is hard to allow the one you have feelings for to see other woman. I have been in this situation, and when I hear about another woman, I first become upset, but I remind myself that everyone has the right to pursue the things they wish to, even I. As woman, I think we are bred to long for our prince and when we meet someone we like, we think of them as our prince. Reality is that men and woman look at relationships and dating differently, so it is important to get understanding, take time to deal with your feelings as a woman and make choices that promote your self esteem. Remember, because someone does not want you does not mean you have no value, it just mean they are not the one, so move on. Date many, but sleep with none, if possible, so that you can choose the best one for you at this time. As woman, we are strong, and can adapt better. Life is fool of adaptations. LKook at the big picture, not the small one......

4/2/2008 6:08:38 PM
Michelle said:

I believe this article is COMPLETELY TRUE! If you're not getting what you need sexually then you'll ultimately end up having an affair and you're probably UNHAPPY. Why put yourself through it? Even if you're in a longterm relationship because in the end you know in your heart it isn't going to work. If the relationship is that important to you then be HONEST with your partner and tell him/her you're not sexually fulfilled and you deserve to be. Give that person the options: they can try to satisfy your sexual needs by putting forth an effort or you will be HONEST and OPEN with them and you will seek that elsewhere. That gives him/her the choice. That person will either try to fulfill your needs or agree to you seeking that need elsewhere. If he/she really loves you and it's meant to be you will both find a way to make it work(even if your seeking sexual fulfillment elsewhere!


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