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Sex and the Single Adult

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What are some safety tips for single, sexually active people?

Sex and the Single Adult

Just because someone is single doesn't mean he or she necessarily is hunting for that One True Love.
Some of us prefer to enjoy the single life for its own sake, without the baggage of dating. Others choose busy lives and don't have time for relationships, but don't want to take vows of celibacy at the same time. Others are simply at a stage of life -- college, or just coming off a divorce, for example -- when it's healthy and normal to get to know a variety of different people rather than being tied down.
If you're playing the field, play safely:
-- Take responsibility for preventing pregnancy and disease. Carry condoms with you.
-- Don't leave your drink, your coat, or your purse unattended.
-- Go out with a buddy, and watch out for one another. Don't let a buddy leave a bar alone late at night.
-- Avoid drinking to excess.
-- Don't give out your home phone number or address.



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