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Intimate Communication

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Is it OK to try to change what my partner does in bed?

Intimate Communication

One of the best ways to ensure a passionate and lasting sex life is to establish a habit of giving and accepting verbal feedback.
Sexual technique is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. So it's very important to ask for what you want in a way that doesn't convey that the other person is doing it wrong. You are the greatest expert in the world on the subject of what will please you in bed. A good partner will not take it personally, but will take your teachings to heart.



4/9/2009 7:58:45 AM
Glenda said:

I find it hard to communicate, my needs to him in fear of embarrassing him. I have a partner, who is not a passionate person. There is no passionate open mouth touch of tongue kissing, nor does he perform any kind of intimate touch to me, in bed as well as not performing oral sex on me. I do all to him, but I am not recieving the forplay back.. How can I communicate with him on this?


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