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One-Night Stands

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Does a one-night stand mean I'm a bad husband/wife?

One-Night Stands

Sometimes, if the opportunity arises, a husband or wife who wouldn't contemplate a long-term affair may indulge in a one-night stand or brief fling.
While some moments of infidelity go unnoticed and unmentioned after the one time, it's still a bad idea to succumb to an opportunity to cheat. For one thing, "private" acts have a way of becoming known, particularly in small communities like a workplace. Also, a spouse who cheats once and gets away with it may find infidelity becoming a habit.



1/28/2012 8:06:41 PM
Bimbo said:

I've been married 36 years, I considered my marriage very sacred and and a happy one. Recently a woman came into our lives, and she made herself "available" to my husband. He told me she wanted him, when I asked him if he wanted her, he said yes. He also stated if the opportunity arises again, he may have to go for it. If it happens once, I believe it to be over and over again, maybe with other people. How does one "hold" on to a their marriage. Or do I give up.


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