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Meeting New People

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How can I find new people to date?

Meeting New People

Bars can be sleazy or sad, and dating sites can seem impersonal. The safest way to meet new people is through people you already know.
Some people dread fix-ups, and certainly even your best friends can make totally awful judgments about who would be right for you. Still, a blind date introduced by a mutual friend is at least a known quantity, and you have at least one person in common to connect with.
Let people know that you're open to being fixed up. Even if you're just chatting with the other parents at softball practice, or hanging out before the start of your chemistry class, you can mention in passing that you're out on the dating scene.
Lots of people do hook up at work, but there are many dangers to this, including the dreaded "We had a nasty breakup and there she is in the next cubicle" syndrome. Be very, very wary of dating anyone who supervises you or reports to you -- this is a firing offense in many organizations. If you do date at work, do so discreetly. When one of you starts wearing an engagement ring, then it's probably OK to come clean.



11/9/2007 4:33:40 PM
Melissa said:

fix ups suck.. and sometimes people have bad friends.

2/2/2008 2:56:04 PM
poetryman69 said:

avoid relationships at work at all costs. especially if your idea of a good time is something that should be kept private like the fact that you think that good sex requires whipped cream. Imagine if that went all over the office.


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