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Relationship Advice and The Rebound

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What is a "rebound"?

Relationship Advice and The Rebound

There's a familiar relationship pattern among people who move quickly into a new romance after the old one dies (or, sometimes, while it's still limping along). Sad and brokenhearted, such a person finds a kindly soul who's willing to offer a comforting shoulder, or bed. The kindly soul offers support and relationship advice, believing that this will lead to healing, renewal, and love. And lo and behold, it does -- but not with the kindly soul. Often, the person who once seemed a source of comfort now becomes just a reminder of old pain. A happy new life begins -- with a happy new partner, someone who wasn't around for any of the bad old stuff. If you're fresh from a breakup, you can recognize this pattern for what it is, and choose to get your comfort from people who don't want long-term love. If you're tempted to play the role of the kindly soul, take two steps back and give the rebounder time and space to heal before expressing your interest.



8/31/2007 10:10:26 AM
amanda said:

i like this it is kind of true and i think it will help me inrelationship

2/1/2008 8:35:15 AM
Evelyn Mulder said:

I say just be careful when on the rebound, because there are wolfs out there.

5/25/2008 11:26:05 AM
David said:

Yes, I agree! Good advice. You must learn to love yourself 100% before you can attract the right relationship!

2/18/2010 12:35:02 PM
BT said:

Also recognize when you are the rebound. if someone comes out of a relationship saying they had feelings for you during their relationship, it can be disastrous for you to jump right in. After a short period of time they'll want time to themselves and youll be left in the dust. Whenever someone is fresh out of a relationship, take their words and affections with a pound, not a grain, of salt. I learned it the hard way.


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