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Ready for a Relationship?

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Am I ready for a relationship?

Ready for a Relationship?

No matter how much you may want a partner in your life, there are times when being single is the best choice. Ask yourself these questions to start:
-- Am I too young for a relationship? Sexual relationships can be harmful physically and emotionally if you're too young to make good decisions. Young teens may like the idea of dating, but if a boyfriend or girlfriend becomes the focus of your life, you may be missing out on the chance to know other people and grow up socially.
-- Do I have time for a relationship? If you're working every weekend and going to school full-time, when are you going to see your date? If you have full custody of the kids, what arrangements can you make to allow for an adults-only social life? If you're in an intensive grad-school program, can you spare the energy to get to know someone new?
-- Am I over my last relationship? Many experts recommend waiting a year after a divorce or the end of a major relationship before exploring a serious new romance. (Of course, many divorced people violate that "rule" all the time.) If you can't get through a first date without talking about your ex, it's too soon.
-- What have I learned about relationships? Your past romances, the experiences of the people around you, and your interactions with friends all contain lessons about getting along with others, avoiding unhealthy situations, and building strong connections. Knowing your own goals and deal-breakers can help you make good choices.



6/6/2007 7:48:06 AM
Jason said:

I agree with the comments above. Each person I meet I seem to want have a relationship with and then it doesn't work out. But the important thing is that I learn what I liked and didn't like about that person. Knowing this will help me find the right person.

12/29/2008 8:50:09 PM
Eric said:

The time for a relationship is so true. My last relationship ended because she wanted to spend more time away from me rather than with me. How is she suppose to get to know me? She wanted to go out about once every two weeks We barely even spoke on the phone. I could describe her in one word, inconsistent. I don't think she was wanting or even willing. It even may have been a game to her.


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