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The Office Flirt

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What are the rules for flirting at the office?

The Office Flirt

One of the most common places for people to flirt is at work. There you are, surrounded by people with whom you have at least one thing in common, away from your partner, and probably bored or stressed at least some of the time.
Yet flirting at work can be a career-ending move, especially in the age of sexual harassment lawsuits.
-- Never, ever flirt with your boss or someone who reports to you.
-- Keep your flirting private, or confined to trusted people. Even those who aren't involved can claim that your behavior created a "hostile work environment."
-- Never, ever flirt with someone who has asked you to stop.
-- Don't flirt with the college-age interns. They may be cute, but they're there to learn, and your actions may hurt their future careers.
-- You're there to work, too. Don't flirt with someone who's obviously trying to get a job done, or when there's work piled up on your desk.



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