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Getting "Out There"

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What are some good places to meet partners?

Getting "Out There"

Maybe you've tried the bar scene, and wound up with nothing to show for it but a hangover. Maybe you've been burned on a few online "winks."

While some people do find lasting love in bars or online dating sites, the best way to find someone new is to meet him or her in person. That means going out and doing things outside your comfort zone.

If you want to meet women, think about the kinds of things women do. Try joining a religious group, art class, or local theater troupe. If you want to meet men, think about the kinds of things men do. Investigate sports or outing clubs, gyms, car shows, collector shops, or role-playing games. Both sexes can find interesting people in political groups, at the dog park, taking sailing lessons, at film festivals, or in professional organizations.

Don't neglect the possibilities of people you already know. Let trustworthy friends (and relatives, if you're brave) know you're looking, and allow yourself to be set up. You may be pleasantly surprised!



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